1 Get your computer ready

1.1 Install R

R is the core software

Download R for your OS

1.2 Install R Studio

R Studio is a slick (very slick) GUI interface for developing R projects

Download R Studio Desktop

1.3 Resources for installing R and R Studio

On Windows

On a Mac

1.4 Install LaTeX

LaTeX (“la-tek”) is necessary to use the pdf output of R Markdown.

On Windows

On a Mac

2 Start learning

2.1 Start with Data Camp Introduction to R

Data Camp: Introduction to R (free online course)

2.2 Then Move to Introduction to R Studio

R Studio Essentials, Programming Part 1 (Writing code in RStudio)

2.3 Develop your project with an R Studio Notebook

Getting Started with R Markdown

Introducing Notebooks with R Markdown

2.4 Getting Data into R

Getting your data into R

3 Packages used extensively in the Walker lab








3.2 We use data.table

Youtube: An Introduction to The data.table Package

Coursera: The data.table Package