Appendix 1: Getting Started with R

22.6 Get your computer ready

22.6.1 Start here

Watch this video. The links for installing R and R studio are in the next sections.

Andy Field’s Installing R and RStudio

22.6.2 Install R

R is the core software. It runs under the hood. You never see it. To use R, you need another piece of software that provides a user interface. The software we will use for this is R Studio.

Download R for your OS

22.6.3 Install R Studio

R Studio is a slick (very slick) graphical user interface (GUI) for developing R projects.

Download R Studio Desktop Additional resources for installing R and R Studio**

On Windows

On a Mac

22.6.4 Install R Markdown

In this class, we will write code to analyze data using R Markdown. R markdown is a version of Markdown. Markdown is tool for creating a document containing text (like microsoft Word), images, tables, and code that can be output to the three modern output formats: html (web pages), pdf (reports and documents), and microsoft word (okay, this isn’t modern but it is widely used).

R Markdown can output pdf files. The mechanism for this is to first create a LaTeX (“la-tek”) file. LaTeX is an amazing tool for creating professional pdf documents. You do not need PDF output for BIO 414/513. The directions for installing R Markdown include directions for installing LaTeX. This is optional, for this class, but I encourage you to do it.

Directions for installing R Markdown

22.6.5 (optional) Alternative LaTeX installations

On Windows

On a Mac